Each and every year, fashion evolves and new trends are formed. Often, trends of the past are even given new life. While they may resemble former styles, they’re often more like a distant cousin than a twin. In 2018, reclaimed looks — especially from the ’90s — are picking up steam in a big way.

If you came of age in the ’90s or the aughties, you may think it a little too soon to revive, and relive, our past fashion choices. However, this ’90s revival may actually be a little later than usual. Vogue explained that fashion trends tend to be recycled about every fifteen years or so. It seems fashion designers have given us a little extra time to come to terms with our feelings about the iconic decade. Nevertheless, these trends are not all bad. In fact, some of them are really fun and, dare we say, chic. Here are the absolute best to the absolute worst trends of 2018.

Sequins are here to stay

Mandy Moore sequinned dress

Sequins may be the best, and arguably biggest, trend of 2018, but that’s not when the shiny discs got their start. You may think of the 1920s as the origin of the trend. As it turns out, though, the use of sequins in clothing has been dated as far back as the Egyptian King Tutankhamun’s rule in the early 1300s B.C. In fact, he was buried in his beloved sequins. And, if a mummy can pull them off, that just goes to prove that sequins look good on everybody.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, major designers including Marc Jacobs, Simone Rocha, and Tom Ford debuted sequinned looks on runways in spring 2018. Millie Bobby Brown, Allison Janney, and Nicole Kidman embraced the shimmering trend when attending the SAG Awards. Mandy Moore, too, proved there’s no such thing as too many sequins by sporting a full-length blue gown by Ralph Lauren at the same awards show.

Dark denim, our old friend

Dark denim runway

Oh, dark jeans, how we’ve missed you! Although Who What Wear highlighted that dark denim was never truly out of fashion, lighter and vintage jeans were the ones stealing the show in recent years. The best thing about indigo denim being on trend again is how easy it is to sport the look. You probably don’t even need to buy a new pair — you can just dig out one of your dark washes from the depths of your closet.

Who What Wear dubbed dark denim “one of the most versatile trends” because of its ability to transition your look from the office, a night out, and even to your most casual of days. There’s also really no wrong way to wear this shade of jean. From a dark denim mini skirt to cuffed raw jeans, you can pick the style you like and make it work for you — all the while incorporating some 2018 flare.

Plaid everything

Plaid runway

Plaid is one of those trends that may never die — not that we want it to, of course. In the 1980s, Princess Diana showed the world that plaid was even fit for royalty. In the ’90s, plaid became more synonymous with the grunge movement, but preppy plaid was still relevant. Think: Alicia Silverstone’s portrayal of Cher in Clueless. Fast forward to 2018 and plaid is back and bigger than ever. As if!

Glamour reported that “legions of plaid-infused outfits” hit the streets during Milan, London, and New York Fashion Weeks for spring 2018. Much like the sequinned apparel of today, there’s really no rules as to how much plaid one can wear at any given time. Yes, that means if you want to wear a tartan-patterned suit, this might just be the year you’re able to pull it off. If, instead, you’re a fan of subtle pops of plaid, keep an eye out for checked heels as they’ve started to make their way into mainstream fashion.

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