Celebrities are style chameleons, often changing their looks for roles (or in between them). Still, the rate at which Hollywood has been switching things up so far this year feels practically unprecedented.

From bold buzz cuts to hot hair hues, the stars turned 2017 into a year of transformation. Here, you can check out some of the most memorable celebrity metamorphoses to date. In full disclosure, though, these chic-shifters may give you a serious case of makeover envy.

Bella Thorne 

Bella Thorne doesn’t shy away from shaking up her look when things get stale. In fact, the Famous in Love star changes her style up so often that it can be downright dizzying to keep up with. Her latest makeover? Ditching her strawberry blonde hair for a more vibrant red hue laced with hot pink streaks. Thorne shared the decision to do something different on social media, hinting, “Yo I’m dying my hair and it’s going to take me 3 days….guess what I’m doing.” True to her word, Thorne emerged several days later with bright new hair and glitter brows to match.


Zendaya experienced an epiphany this year that led to a major change of heart… and hair. Although the young star spent much of 2016 rocking a straight, blonde neo-mullet style, the star committed to wearing her hair naturally more often in 2017. “When you’ve spent the past however many years growing your damaged hair back, avoiding heat, wearing wigs and trying every natural product in the world and you finally see a little curl pattern comin back,” she gushed on Instagram.

And if you’re curious about how Zendaya gets those picture perfect curls, look no further than her YouTube channel. Zendaya often shares insight into her hair care routine, including her shockingly simple secret weapon when it comes to curls: water. Curly haired girls of the world, embrace your bounce!

Chris Pine

Chris Pine couldn’t let the ladies of Hollywood have all the buzz cut fun. The Wonder Woman star showed up on the red carpet earlier this year with a shaved head, surprising, well, everyone. Not that it looks bad, because — let’s be real — Pine could make any cut look killer. Still, it isn’t the style Pine’s adoring fans have come to expect from the actor. While the most logical conclusion to draw is that Pine cut his hair for a role, he dispelled that notion when he confessed the truth.

“I went through phases. So I had long hair and a beard. And first I did a facial hair thing. That was fun. I did the mustache. I did a little General Sherman. Then I did a full-shaved back (of the head). That was fun for a day,” he told USA Today of the way he whiled away the time during an extended illness. “Then I got a fade. Then I started doing designs. And then I got real bored. I went full chop.”

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