The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree, according to the old adage. That’s certainly true for these celebrities, who clearly never wonder if they were adopted — the evidence to the contrary is right there when they look in the mirror. In fact, some of these celebs look so much like their parents that they could practically be clones.

However, each of these Hollywood second gens have their own lives and pursuits, even if they do follow in one or more of their parents’ footsteps. Here’s a list of celebs who look exactly like their moms or dads.

Miley Cyrus

It doesn’t matter which look Miley Cyrus is sporting, whether it’s edgy or classic — physically, she’s a carbon copy of her mother, Tish. The pair have the exact same set of eyes, as well as similar facial structures and lithe frames. But despite their twinning appearances, their personalities do diverge in some ways.

Tish opened up to Refinery 29 about Miley’s scandalous performance at the 2013 VMAs, saying, “Miley is who she is, and honestly I don’t know where she got that, because I’m a little more sensitive.” She’s still 100 percent supportive of her daughter, though, and knows her well. She added, “But somehow I did raise a strong, amazing person that’s self-confident and really doesn’t care what people think. She knows that onstage, that’s an artist, a personality she’s created for entertainment. But in her real life, she’s not always that person.”

The young Cyrus also knows that she makes her mother proud. On the The Late Show starring Jimmy Fallon, she told him that her mom must be feeling proud of both her and her sister’s accomplishments. She flexed her biceps and kissed them to indicate as such, showing that Team Cyrus is clearly doing well.

Kiefer Sutherland

Seeing Kiefer and Donald Sutherland together makes you wonder if you’re looking at the same person — just 30 years apart. But the father and son are indeed two separate people, even though the resemblance is uncanny. Still, they do work in the same profession and have both earned critical accolades for their work.

The duo finally starred in a film together for the first time in 2016 (not the first film they’ve both been in, which was A Time to Kill, but the first film in which they’ve interacted), a western by the name of Forsaken. In an interview with Good Morning America, the younger Sutherland said of the experience, “I wanted to work with my father for 30 years… I’ve watched him for my whole life, and to have the opportunity to work with him was something I’ve wanted my whole career.” It certainly lived up to expectations for Kiefer. He continued, “The experience is something I will never forget.”

Donald is just as emotional about his son’s work, as he told ET Canada in an interview, “He’s a fabulous actor.” Regarding Kiefer’s skill at an audition, he gushed, “It was perfect. It was unbelievable. It was so beautiful you say, wow, kid.”

Zoe Kravitz

Lisa Bonet has been famous since the early 1980s, most notable for her role as Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show. Years later her daughter Zoë Kravitz, who she had with ex-husband Lenny Kravitz, would follow in her footsteps as she made her foray into the world of acting.

Kravitz takes after her mother, as the two are spitting images of each other with their perfect skin, high foreheads, and deep brown eyes. And Kravitz respects her mother for living her truth, telling Elle magazine that, “She kind of stumbled into that world. It wasn’t a conscious choice (a) to be an actress, (b) to be a famous actress, and (c) to be — she shook things up — a model for so many young women. The beautiful thing about her is that she just thought a certain way and lived her life that way.”

Kate Hudson

Goldie Hawn is a Hollywood original, and has been breaking barriers for women in film throughout her career. One of the women she helped clear the brush for is her daughter Kate Hudson, herself an Academy Award nominee for her performance in Almost Famous.

The actresses bear an uncanny resemblance to one another with their wavy blonde hair and wide smiles, and Hudson sees it — though she didn’t always understand why people pointed it out. She told The Associated Press that, “I used to say, ‘Why do people say that? I look nothing like my mom’ but I sometimes walk across a mirror and just get a glance and I see it.”

Hawn followed that up with, “We don’t really look alike. You take all of our features and they’re not alike. What we do have is a way of being that is both very similar. Katie’s eyes are different. She looks more like my mother. It’s interesting how you can feel it’s in the DNA.” And they both agree, as Hudson learned from her mother, that “beauty is an inside-out job.”

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