Ciara strips down for a fierce photo shoot and discusses her second pregnancy in a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

The pregnant singer opens up about her relationship with her husband and the father of her second child, Russell Wilson, who she married in July 2016. Ciara describes Wilson as supportive husband who continues to be her champion through the ups and downs of her life and career.

“If someone’s not supporting you and your vision and your dreams—whether it’s your relationship partner, your friend, whomever, then you’ve got to make sure to keep it moving,” Ciara describes of her ideal support system. “If people aren’t lifting you up, even if you’re the strongest person in the world, eventually it does chip away at you. You don’t even realize that you’re losing yourself. And that’s the scariest place to be in life… I don’t want to lose myself. I love myself too much. I love life too much.”

She says that her 2-year-old son Future Zahir Wilburn, who she welcomed with her former partner, Future, is excited about the arrival of his half-sibling

“He’ll randomly pull my shirt up and be like, ‘I want to see the baby,’” Ciara says. “‘Hello, baby. How you doing, baby? I love you, baby. Okay, talk to you later, baby. Bye, bye.’ Then he’ll kiss me on my belly and put my shirt back down.”

Though she’s reached many heights in music and philanthropy, Ciara longs for one experience that was pushed to the wayside by fame.

“I didn’t get to go to college because of my career,” Ciara says. “That’s the one thing I fantasize about sometimes.”

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