Bye-bye, Kenya?

Shake Up!

It’s been quite the year for casting on Bravo’s most famous franchise of shows. The Real Housewives casts from coast to coast have gotten shake-ups over the past few months with fan-favorites and villains alike getting the ax or taking their dramatic leave from the network.

Now, it looks like one more Housewife could be in danger of losing her job any day. Rumor has it that Kenya Moore is set to be cut from the show following the RHOA reunion taping later this year.


According to a new report from Radar On0line, Kenya could become the newest “former-Housewife” in the coming weeks thanks to her dramatic filming battles with producers and crew throughout the last season. The star staged a secret, private wedding to her current hubby, Marc Daly, in June of 2017, and Marc has refused to film for the reality show ever since.

Her man’s hesitancy about filming has put Kenya is a tough spot with producers who believe that her story lines will be lacking without the ability to show such an integral part of her life… and they may have a point. The star’s arcs since meeting (and hiding) her husband haven’t been as juicy as they were in the past.

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