Kylie Jenner took fans by surprise when she named her daughter Stormi Webster.

Her followers have a new butterfly theory about why the reality star chose the unique name.

Butterflies have been a part of Kylie and boyfriend Travis Scott’s relationship. He released the song “Butterfly Effect” after they started dating in May 2017, then gave her a diamond butterfly choker for her birthday in August.

Her pregnancy video diary also included a shot of Stormi’s butterfly nursery.

So what does Stormi have to do with butterflies? Well, in chaos theory “butterfly effect” is known as “the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere.”

Many are pointing out that the butterfly effect could set a storm in motion.

One fan tweeted, “Theory… Kylie named her baby Stormi because of the butterfly effect… the beat of a butterfly’s wings can set off a storm miles away.”

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