John Cena has a packed schedule, with his wrestling career, film work, frequent visits to TODAY and wedding planning.

So, how does the 40-year-old WWE Superstar and actor manage to juggle all of the above?

For TODAY’s One Small Thing series, Cena revealed what motivates him in the morning.

“Just a simple change of perspective can help start your day,” he said. “Sometimes we don’t feel so good. If I’ve had a big match, I certainly wake up with a few bumps and bruises. Oftentimes, after an active weekend or a long week, it’s tough to get going. Or maybe we have a huge schedule that day, and we’re like ‘Oh man, I have to do all these things.’ Just change it slightly to ‘I get to do all these things.’ You get to. And that is a really good way to change your perspective to start your day so we can kick the day’s butt.”

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