From topless photos to out-of-control spending, has uncovered the secrets and lies the Palace is trying to hide about Kate Middleton. Click through the gallery of the Duchess of Cambridge’s most shocking scandals — so far!

Queen Elizabeth was reportedly “appalled” when Princess Kate was caught topless in 2012 and the photos were seen around the world. The royal family slammed the publication of the pictures but behind the scenes Prince William‘s grandmother reportedly was shocked by the raunchy shots.

Shortly after the topless photos were leaked, shots of Middleton without her bathing suit bottom were published, throwing the Palace into full blown damage control to try and stop the publication of the racy pics.

Middleton’s lavish spending has shocked the royal family and British citizens. She spent $5.9 million to redo their Kensington Palace home, according to one report.

The Queen gifted the couple the country estate Anmer Hall, but they spent $ 2million to refurbish it, including $79,000 to move a tennis court 36 feet, one report claimed.

She didn’t sound vey royal until recently! Before her wedding, Middleton had a rather common accent. But before she became the wife of the future King of England, she reportedly hired a voice coach, AnthonyAntGordon Lennox, the nephew of a Duke and a former television producer who taught her to speak with a posh accent.

William and Kate were once criticized for taking a $10 million helicopter for a 45 minute ride from their Kensington Palace home to their Anmer Hall estate 100 miles costing British taxpayers $6,500.

Dubbed the “Duchess of Do-Little,” Middleton has been slammed for being a commoner who climbed the social ladder, much like Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady.

The Queen took one drastic measure to keep her in her place. She set new protocols for the Duchess, decreeing that she must bow to “blood princesses,” meaning that she must curtsey to those born royal, including Princesses Beatriceand Eugenie in public and in private. One allowance is that the rule only applies when Prince William is not present!

Middleton has been criticized  for her low number of public engagements. Before she took time off for maternity leave after giving birth to Princess Charlotte, she only had 62 public appearances in 2015. Queen Elizabeth had 340.

Her tightly controlled wardrobe of mid-length skirts and low heels has been blamed on her “middle class” background. The editor of Majesty magazine accused her of being “terrified” of doing the wrong thing.

Middleton even admitted that she was criticized by the royal family. “There’s a real art to walkabouts, everybody teases me in the family that I spend far too long chatting. I still have to learn a little bit more, and to pick up a few more tips,” she admitted.


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