Like her sister, Khloé Kardashian is all about hair removal.

The reality star, who was spotted leaving a studio in Los Angeles on Friday (Jan. 13, 2017), recently revealed what she does to get rid of unsightly body hair. According to Kardashian, she’s only one session away from having completely hairless legs and bikini area.

“You shave the areas before you go. So if you’re going in the afternoon, you shave that morning. I put numbing cream on 45 minutes before—but I only do my bikini area now because I don’t really need it for the rest,” she writes of her hair removal process on her app. “For me, the most painful part has always been my legs. It becomes less painful with the more treatments you do because there is less hair each time to remove. I used numbing cream the first 2 times on my legs because it was brutal. Every person is different and so is every time you go.”

“After my first treatment, I noticed such a big difference. I’ve gone to about 3 or 4 sessions and I don’t have hair on my underarms, so my bikini and legs are my last 2 things,” she added. “They say every person is different in terms of how many sessions they need. I’ll need about one more. Yassss, almost done!”

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