Kylie Jenner has yet to confirm she is pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby, a story broken by TMZ and confirmed by People magazine, but she does seem to be acknowledging the rumors in a stealthy way — by teasing the cameras.

Her Instagram’s pics from the trip also left something to the imagination. In two snaps, Kylie posed in a baggy black sweatshirt, exposing a little of her midriff, but not enough to give anything away. “Yesterday was cute,” she captioned the shot, referring to a special birthday celebration with her pal Jordy. The giraffe in the picture couldn’t draw focus away from Kylie’s mid-section, but she seemed to have selected a photo that wouldn’t expose too much.

In another picture, she posed with her girlfriends in matching white robes, but the loose robe helpfully camouflaged any bump in the front. This one she captioned, “mornings :).”

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