Kylie Jenner may have a brand new best friend and we have the deets!

Well, in case you’ve forgotten, Kylie Jenner has been without her best friend Jordyn Woods for a minute now. For a recap, Jordyn allegedly hooked up with Tristan ThompsonKhloe Kardashian’s baby daddy, making her effectively shut out of the family (despite the LONG history of Thompson drama). While many believe that Kylie and Jordyn will eventually reunite, with baby daddy Travis Scott on tour Kylie has essentially been on her own. And that’s how we get to Heather Sanders.

So who is Heather Sanders? Well, let’s start back at Kylie’s Sweet 16 party. The pair met there where Tyga, Kylie’s then-boyfriend, was performing. At the time, Heather was dating King Trell, Tyga’s long time best friend, and she and Kylie clicked immediately.

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