#2 Christina Aguilera By Grumplebits

Growing old is a nightmare for many people. There is a useless fight and often pathetic for eternal youth. And an industry thrives behind this battle: plastic surgeons to hair dye manufacturers. A drug claims can return the power of youth to middle-aged men or elders, promises another stop hair loss and even restore fringes that time took.

The media, understandably, since the subject is hearing champion, gives ample space to the youth sellers. Basically, what explains all this is the anguish that takes us when we realize that we are not-so-young. We have a negative view of old age.

How would the celebrities in a few years? Various artists try to imagine it in photoshop!

#1 Halle Berry By David Berettaowens
#2 Christina Aguilera By Grumplebits
#3 Charlie Sheen By John Mcconnell
#4 Paris Hilton By Grumplebits
#5 Robert Pattinsson By Ciberhomer
#6 Gwen Stefani By Grumplebits
#7 Cameron Diaz By Mandrak
#8 Obama By Luiz Carlos Estati
#9 Spider Man By Watschi

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