Lady Kitty Spencer didn’t choose to be famous but she had no choice in the matter because of the worldwide interest in her late aunt, Princess Diana. But Spencer, who is the eldest daughter of Charles Spencer, brother to the late Princess of Wales, is interesting in her own right.

Her parents ensured she had a sheltered childhood away from media attention, but now she’s embracing that attention and using it as a powerful tool to create change. She’s also broken free from the shadows of her family ties and become known for things completely unrelated to her royal relatives. Here is everything you need to know about Princess Diana’s stunning niece.

She had an amazing childhood in South Africa

I don’t know what your average British childhood is like, but I do know that Spencer’s childhood was anything but average. Her parents made the decision to relocate their family from England to South Africa, and Spencer feels this was a great decision. She told Vanity Fair it was “an amazing place to grow up and have a childhood.”

She has since moved back to her hometown, a decision that was based partly on her desire to return to “a big city.” She added, “Obviously, I’ve always felt tied to London and I’ve always felt British and a lot of my family’s here, too, so it was a logical step, one I knew I was always going to take.”

She loves school and “tried to prolong that for as long as possible”

Spencer is so much more than just a pretty face. She’s also passionate about education and told The West, “I like being a student so I tried to prolong that for as long as possible.”

She’s not exaggerating about this either because according to the publication she first studied politics, literature, and psychology at university in South Africa, then she packed her bags and went to Italy to study Italian and art history, and finally finished this up with a master’s degree in luxury brand management in England.

No word yet on whether she intends to return to university at a later stage, but she’s definitely well-educated.

She’s competitive and hates to be idle

We’ve already established that Spencer is a smart woman, but she feels annoyed that people often mistake her for not having a competitive nature compared to her siblings, Lady Eliza Spencer, Lady Amelia Spencer, and Lord Louis Spencer.

She expressed her feelings on this during an interview with The Telegraph, saying, “All my siblings were sporty but I focused on the academics. People think I’m not competitive because I’m not sporty, but actually I am. I always need to be doing something; I don’t want to be idle.”

Her luxury-brand management degree is on the back burner

Spencer was born into a privileged family, which allowed her certain benefits, including the opportunity to attended private schools. But it’s also given her something more. She told Vanity Fair, “The media attention gives you the platform to speak about the things that are important to you.” And what’s important to Spencer is giving back to the community.

Vanity Fair notes that she has become involved in charitable work, most notably as an ambassador for Centrepoint, an organization that supports homeless youth. In addition to Centrepoint, she’s also involved with Give Us Time, a British organization that aids soldiers and their families as they try to adjust to life together following a deployment. As for why these charities are the ones she chose to devote her time to, Spencer told The West it’s because they “emphasise the importance of family in different ways.”

What makes Spencer’s charitable nature even more interesting is that she has a master’s degree in luxury brand management, and the two don’t really seem to go together. Although she told told the publication that she wants to put this degree to “good use,” and will likely be pursuing something within this industry at a later stage, for now, she is focusing on helping those in need.

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