Hey, Roommates! Do y’all remember Chris Crocker (itschriscrocker)? He went viral back in 2007 for defending Britney Spears via YouTube video after a lackluster VMAs performance. “Leave Britney alone!!” he said.

Anyway, I bet you’re wondering what he’s been up to lately! Well, for starters, today is his 29th birthday which means he’s been entertaining us for close to 10 years! Chris used to make really funny videos on his YouTube page and he still makes them except now they’re on Instagram.

Back when he was new to YouTube, Chris identified as trans, but as you can see, he’s definitely traded up a bit and is looking really good! However, earlier this year, the comedian explained that the reason for his new look was because he couldn’t afford his transition from male to female. “For many years of my life I have identified as transgender and I have not had the finances to transition and so living in Tennessee, living in a town where it’s not safe for me to be my full self. I’ve adapted to my surroundings.”

Crocker is now living confidently in his skin, however he says he still wouldn’t mind being a girl!