Everyone knows you haven’t succeeded in the fashion/modeling world until you’re immortalized in doll form, just asked Cindy Crawford! The world-famous stunner is officially getting her very own Barbie! Well, Gigi Hadid may not have a Barbie quite yet, but she was gifted a Barbie dressed exactly as she was in last week’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

According to People, earlier this week, Gigi’s younger sis Bella Hadid shared a photo on Instagram of two dolls wearing lingerie that damn-near match the girls’ looks on the catwalk. The Gigi doll is dressed in black lace, wings with wavy blonde hair while her counterpart is gussied up in gray.

After the show, Gigi dropped by the 2016 British Fashion Awards where she was given the prestigious International Model of the Year Award, and today she’s back to work, flaunting loads of midriff while helping host a Reebok event in New York.


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