When a celebrity appears at a restaurant, people pay attention. Fans are eager to cheer a cool sighting (like Barack and Malia Obama leaving Emilio’s Ballato), copy an interesting order (Chrissy Teigen’s Doritos Locos tacos), or slam a star for stiffing the wait staff (what really happened with that Kylie Jenner incident?). So when a famous person treats their servers right, people take note. Here’s a roundup of the most generous celebrity tippers.

Bill Murray

Bill Murray has become known for his wacky interactions with the public. The comedy legend has crashed a stranger’s bachelor party, brought an unknown woman to the World Series with him, and thrown some fans’ cell phones off a roof.

More recently, and perhaps less melodramatically, he tipped $50 on a glass of water. The New York Times reported that when Murray went to see the Broadway musical Groundhog Day, which is based on the 1993 movie her starred in, he asked the bartender for a glass of water, specifying that he didn’t want a bottle. Then he handed the bartender $50 and whispered, “This is too much for a glass of water.” It’s a pretty intense way to ask for tap water, but the bartender probably appreciated the cash.

Taylor Swift

When Taylor Swift visited Ralph’s Italian Restaurant in Philadelphia during her 2013 tour — this was before her girl squad days so she was with then-openers Ed Sheeran and Austin Mahone, not five models — she got to know the staff. She took a photo with the team at the restaurant, which they then posted on Facebook and noted her “generous tip.” Head chef Shawn Gallo told E! News that Swift’s team dropped $500 in gratuity. Plus, Tay gave two concert tickets to the chef, whose autistic son is a huge fan.

Johnny Depp

It’s been hard to believe Johnny Depp’s recent financial issues considering the astronomical amount of money he brings in through his movies. But here’s one expenditure that probably makes a dent in his wealth: leaving thousands of dollars in tips for waiters. (Also, his hilariously high $30,000 monthly wine budget.)

A waiter at Gibsons, a steakhouse in Chicago, told Radar the the actor left him a $4,000 tip. Apparently the server, Mohammed A . Sekhani, had waited on Depp before and was even on a nickname basis — Depp reportedly calls him “Mo.”

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper tips well, and the reason, according to him, is that he was raised right. Cooper told Nick Snaith for Magic Radio (via that his father taught him to leave generous tips.

“‘I grew up with having that instilled in me from my father so I’ve always been generous. For a $184 meal… I’d tip probably $46, or $54… yeah that’s about right!” Put your phone calculator away — that’s a little less than 30 percent.

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