Anyone who’s an avid baker, or even casually bakes, has likely viewed a baking tutorial on YouTube at some point — and there’s a high probability that one of those tutorials was from Rosanna Pansino’s Nerdy Nummies channel. Pansino has gained quite the large following since she first launched her YouTube channel in 2011. Since then, her videos have been viewed a whopping 2.4 billion times (and counting) and she has well over 10 million subscribers at the time of publishing. She is able to draw in viewers with her incredible baking skills that are centered on her love of all things nerdy, and her bubbly personality in the videos is a wonderful bonus.

Pansino had a long journey to YouTube superstardom. She was born in Seattle, Washington on June 8, 1985. She grew up there with her family, including her younger sister, Molly Lu, who makes appearances on Pansino’s YouTube channel. From baking with her grandmother to baking in front of millions, let’s look at the stunning transformation of Rosanna Pansino.

A baker in the making

Rosanna Pansino

Since Rosanna Pansino left the days of living in obscurity behind and skyrocketed to fame with her YouTube channel, she has put down roots in sunny Los Angeles where she films all of her baking tutorials for her Nerdy Nummies channel. Pansino revealed in an interview with New Media Rockstars that she developed her love of baking thanks to her grandmother. She stated, “My grandmother loved baking and because of her, baking has always been a hobby of mine. I have always loved being creative with my food and making themed sweets for my friends.”

This is not only a sentimental skill she developed thanks to her grandmother, but is also what would lead to her making a highly successful career out of what started out as just a “hobby”. She echoed this sentiment in an interview with Business Insider, where she credited her grandmother for introducing her to baking.  Subsequently, she continued to bake for friends and family for special occasions, and even started to create “themed treats” after receiving plenty of requests from her friends.

From nerdy student to aspiring actress

Rosanna Pansino

During the formative years of our youth, most of us go through the dreaded “awkward phase” — and it seems that even Pansino wasn’t immune. During an interview with Huffington Post about her Nerdy Nummies YouTube channel, they talked about how she doesn’t come across like a “nerd” herself. She went on to explain, “I never called myself that, but it’s what other people called me. The things I enjoyed growing up were considered nerdy at the time. I loved reading, science, video games, math and took AP calculus in high school.”

She also developed a love for the entertainment industry, and after college she went on to move to Los Angeles and pursue her dreams. Pansino stated that she did get jobs within the entertainment industry, such as being a hand double for the boy who played Jennifer Love Hewitt’s son on Ghost Whisperer. She was also an extra on Glee for two seasons and even spent time as a production assistant. But it was only a matter of time before she developed a show of her own.

The humble beginnings of a soon-to-be viral YouTube channel

Rosanna Pansino

If you have seen any of Rosanna Pansino’s recent YouTube videos, you will immediately notice that the production value of her videos are extremely high quality. But that didn’t happen overnight. When Pansino first started her career on YouTube, it was under the advisement of her manager, Mike Lamond, who is also a fellow YouTuber. In this interview with Business Insider, she stated that Lamond “encouraged me to start a YouTube channel as a way to practice speaking, entertaining, and being more comfortable in front of a camera.” This was initially suggested to help her with her aspirations of becoming an actress.

In the very early days of her channel, she used an $80 dollar flip-camera and edited every single episode she made by herself. As her viewership and success grew, so did her production team. She upgraded her equipment as well to make higher quality videos for her growing list of subscribers.

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