If Lucy Boynton wasn’t on everyone’s radar for her stunning performance as Mary Austin in Bohemian Rhapsody, she certainly is after being spotted at Rami Malek’s side at the 2019 Academy Awards ceremony. The blonde bombshell positively glowed throughout the entire event, especially as Malek accepted the award for Best Actor for his unbelievable performance as the late Queen front man Freddie Mercury, and she smothered him in kisses. (Who didn’t get chills watching him completely inhabit the late singer?)

But Boynton is so much more than just a pretty face, or just the girlfriend of a gifted Hollywood actor. In fact, she has an impressive career as an actress that goes back quite a long time, given that she started in the business as a child. So what does Boynton’s resume look like? How did she get her start on the silver screen? What kind of roles does she like to play? Here’s everything we dug up about Lucy Boynton, the gorgeous girlfriend of Rami Malek.

Surprisingly, she was born in New York

Although Boynton seems to ooze Britishness, she wasn’t actually born in the land of Harry Potter, Big Ben, and high tea. Rather, her origin story starts thousands of miles away, across the Atlantic Ocean in the Big Apple. “I was born in New York and moved to London with my family when I was five,” she shared in an interview with Interview magazine. And when she was little, she dreamed not of acting, but working in an animal shelter. Girl must have had a big love for cats and dogs!

Listening to Boynton speak in interviews, you can’t miss her lilting and endearing British accent. But, of course, she didn’t have that from the get-go. “I did have an American accent for a couple of months and then it went away,” she continued, referring to her move to London. She and her sister used to tease each other about their accents, too. Adorable!

Called to acting from a young age

It didn’t take very long for Boynton to decide she wanted to become an actress; she know from the start she was destined for it, and so did the people around her. Her mother penned in a touching tribute in The Telegraph in 2006, writing: “This time last year, my then 11-year-old younger daughter, Lucy, and I were discussing the future. ‘I want to be an actress when I grow up,’ she said.” And she wasn’t surprised at all, given that Boynton had just starred in a school production of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. There’s nothing quite like that theater high!

According to her mother, Boynton amended her statement shortly thereafter, declaring that she didn’t want to wait until she was grown to act professionally. Instead, she was ready to get started ASAP, before she was even a teenager. Then just a few weeks later, she landed her first major audition — clearly she was serious about following her dreams, and luck was on her side.

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