Thirty gorgeous women. One serious catch of a guy. When you look at it that way, the odds that you will be the one to snag The Bachelor’s heart are decidedly not in your favor. But that didn’t stop Hannah Brown, known on the show as Hannah B., from giving it her best and throwing in her all for a shot at true love. The Alabama-born-and-bred beauty queen was positively radiant on the show, putting her best and most authentic foot forward at all times. So it’s a little bit surprising that there wasn’t more chemistry between her and Colton Underwood, and we’re a little cranky about it.

But how is it that she got on the show in the first place? What makes her tick? Does she really love Alabama that much? And what else is there to know about the charming southern belle? Here’s everything we dug up about Hannah B., who could have made Underwood into an honest man.

The first thing out of Brown’s mouth on The Bachelor after her name was, of course, “Welcome to Alabama.” The 23-year-old bombshell is obviously an Alabama native, born and raised in Tuscaloosa, according to her ABC profile. A self-described proud member of the Alabama Crimson Tide, Brown attended the University of Alabama, her parents’ Alma mater. There, she received a bachelor of arts degree in communications studies with a minor in public relations, according to an article in The Tuscaloosa News. This gal clearly has both beauty and brains.

Additionally, she’s a pretty traditional gal, which often comes with the territory with southern ladies. She appreciates it when guys open doors and pull out chairs for her, and likes listening to country music above all other genres. Brown also enjoys playing board games, and watches every single Alabama football games. It doesn’t get much more pure Americana than that!

Cinching Miss Alabama USA in 2017

One of Brown’s biggest accomplishments to date was winning the Miss Alabama pageant in 2017, rendering her Miss Alabama 2018. You know there was some serious competition in that room, but at the end of the day, the crown and sash were Brown’s for the taking. Congrats, girl!

The beauty queen took to Instagram to celebrate her victory. “If you’re shocked, I am too. If you are excited — sweet — I am too,” she gushed. “The Lord is so faithful. I’m honored He has given me this opportunity to serve His people with this shiny hat.” Of course, a good Christian girl never forgets to thank god for her brightest blessings.

Brown also set her intention straight away, letting people know that she had plans for her year as Alabama’s most beautiful star. “That’s my goal this year — to love and encourage people anyway I can,” she continued. “Please follow me this year @missalusa on this incredible journey… it’s going to be a fun one!” Clearly she’s all about spreading the love, and we’re here for it. Brown also competed in the 2018 Miss USA pageant, but did not win the title. Next time!

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