Fifteen years later, the real story’s coming out!

Once upon a time, The It Girl Britney Spears dated N*SYNC member Justin Timberlake. They were America’s sweethearts. Remember those years from 1999 to 2002? Remember those innocent times even before we’d ever even heard of a Kardashian? The paparazzi chased them everywhere. Britney’s star was shining brighter and brighter everyday and tweens couldn’t get enough of boybands like N*SYNC. The two connected on the set of The Mickey Mouse Club and seemed to be truly in love. It was a fairy tale. Or was it?

All these years later — post-KFed, after Britney’s breakdown, and with Justin’s wedding to Jessica Biel long-past — the truth is coming out. Looks like things weren’t all matching denim suits and smiles after all…

It’s been almost 20 years since Britney and Justin Timberlake ended what seemed like the perfect Hollywood romance. It’s one of those Hollywood relationships that we will never forget about.

Now REELZ has teamed up with The National Enquirer, to spill the tea on what we all thought was a perfect relationship.

National Enquirer editor said multiple sources were telling them that Britney and Justin were in a relationship very early on, probably alluding to the beginning of their romance during their Disney days.

“They even said that they had shared their first kiss together when they were in the Mickey Mouse Club,” added Melissa Cronin, also of National Enquirer.

Alexsandra Wright, a friend of Britney, explained: “They were in the same place, they were both kids going through the same thing, they were really each other’s first love.” Not many people get that, especially famous teens.

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