It’s hard to believe just how much time it has been since the film Bring It On was released. The cult classic has been out since 2000, but it feels like just yesterday that we were introduced to what is arguably the fiercest cheer squad in cinematic history: the Toros. The movie went on to spawn a successful franchise, but our hearts still belong to the cast of the original film. Who can forget Kirsten Dunst as spunky head cheerleader Torrance Shipman, or Gabrielle Union as Isis, Torrance’s biggest rival?

It might seem like hardly any time has passed, but the turn of the millennium was actually quite a while ago, and the cast of Bring It On has changed quite a bit. While many of them are still acting, others have gone on to pursue different career paths. Here’s what the cast of Bring It On looks like today.

Kirsten Dunst

Bring It On boasted some pretty big stars, and Kirsten Dunst is one of the biggest. She already had more than a decade’s worth of credits on her resume when she landed the role of head cheerleader Torrance Shipman. Her career continued to skyrocket after Bring It On, and she’s had roles in other blockbuster films such as Spider-ManBachelorette, and The Bling Ring. She has also starred in a few TV shows, including Fargoand On Becoming a God in Central Florida.

The actress also has plans to try her hand at directing and is attached to an adaptation of Sylvia Plath’s novel, The Bell Jar. She told Variety of her attempts to make the film and secure financing, and of just how difficult it is to succeed as a director in Hollywood because of her gender. “It’s always harder for women,” she said. “Everyone has to work 10 times harder.”

Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku played newcomer to the squad and dedicated gymnast Missy Pantone. She has landed a steady string of roles since Bring It On, including starring roles on TV series Tru Calling and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Aside from acting, Dushku has also gone back to school to study holistic psychology at Lesley University.

Dushku is a vocal member of the #MeToo movement and has come forward about being molested as a child star. More recently, the actress made headlines after she was fired from the TV show Bull after reporting that her co-star, Michael Weatherly, sexually harassed her. In 2018, Dushku was paid a $9.5 million settlement from CBS, just a small amount compared to what she would have earned had she stayed on the show.

“I guess what makes me angry is people knew,” she told Time about the ongoing harassment of women in Hollywood. “Important people knew. They could have done something. And they didn’t.”

Jesse Bradford

Heartthrob Jesse Bradford was the male lead of Bring It On, portraying Torrance’s love interest, and Missy’s brother, Cliff Pantone. Bradford had been acting for most of his life before landing the role, earning his first film credit in 1984’s Falling In Love. Since getting his happily ever after with Torrance at the end of Bring It On, Bradford has been a TV mainstay with roles on shows like The West Wing, Outlaw, Guys With Kids, Shooter, and Teachers.

All those decades of acting have resulted in a healthy bank account for the star that has enabled him to live quite comfortably. In November 2018, the actor’s Los Angeles home was put up for sale for just under $3 million. The following month, he announced his marriage to actress Andrea Leal who, according to her Instagram bio, has changed her last name to Bradford’s legal last name, Watrouse, and is enrolled as a veterinary medicine student.

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